Virgin Blue

Australian airlines ready to launch

AustralianAnalysts alleged that Virgin Blue is planning to enter in coming 2011 with an international network capable of challenging national flag carrier Qantas Airways.

A partnership is held by the airline group such as Polynesian Blue and V Australia including Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue with Air New Zealand Ltd on trans-Tasman services.

Air alliance between Air New Zealand and Virgin Blue

Air-New-Zealand-Virgin-BlueThe plans of a transtasman air alliance of Air New Zealand with the Virgin Blue group got the ultimate approval it had required in this country today.

The approval was officially given by the Transport Minister Stephen Joyce today in the afternoon to the proposal of the two airlines working together on the services and fares offered by them on the transtasman route.

Approval given to trans-Tasman alliance

Virgin BlueThe assurance to run additional flights to and fro Wellington was a very significant step in making the rare and unlikely change of heart by the Australian competition watchdog which finally gave its nod to the trans-Tasman alliance between Air New Zealand and Virgin Blue.

Fyfe hopeful for an alliance with Virgin Blue

Rob-FyfeThe head of Air New Zealand, Rob Fyfe is looking to hear from regulators this week regarding the airline's alliance deal with Virgin Blue.

The suggested trans-Tasman alliance with Virgin Blue includes a collaboration on the upcoming route and product planning, code sharing and the often flyer programme advantages.

Air New Zealand, Virgin Blue Offer More Tasman Seats on Alliance Concerns

Air-New-Zealand-Virgin-BlueAir New Zealand Ltd. and Virgin Blue Holdings Ltd are looking for to cooperate on trans-Tasman Sea flights. They presented to include seats on six routes to relieve regulatory fears that the alliance would go ahead to service cuts and higher fares.

$20 million loss to Virgin Blue due to check-in crash

$20 million loss to Virgin Blue due to check-in crashThe business loss of between $15 million - $20 million was sustained by Virgin Blue due to the crash of its reservation system, operating system and check-in system during the last month. For 11 days, there was serious disruption to passengers and flights due to the computer system which crashed on 26 September.