Pakistan Blocks Access to Twitter for Hours

Pakistan Blocks Access to Twitter for HoursIt has been revealed in a new report that the popular social networking site Twitter has been blocked by Pakistan for refusing to remove offensive tweets.

The report has found that the site was promoting a competition on Facebook, which included a task, which is offensive to Islam. As per the competition rules, participants needed to post images of Prophet Muhammad.

Twitter Completes Six Years

TwitterAs per an up-to-date report, it has been unfolded that the popularly known social media service Twitter, which had received its first post on 21 March 2006 by co-founder Jack Dorsey, has completed its 6 years yesterday i. e. Wednesday (March 21).

Twitter Crashes after 16,000 New Year Tweets per Second

TwitterNew Year is a time to wish your dear ones with prosperity, good health and many good wishes for the new coming year and saying good bye to all what the previous year gave.

Twitter is known as the most popular micro-blogging site to easily make all your dear ones read what you are wishing them and what all is going through your mind. But unluckily, the site got crashed yesterday due to overload of New Year messages and greetings.

Ordnance Surveyors to use Tweeter to detail day to day

Ordnance Surveyors to use Tweeter to detail day to dayBritain’s national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, is now making use of micro-blogging site Twitter to detail their day to day work.

Ordnance Survey said the sharing their work on Twitter would help general public understand their role better.

To begin with, a total of 14 surveyors across the country will send tweets as they go about recording and measuring changes for the maps.

Twitter introduces new photo sharing feature

Twitter introduces new photo sharing feature Twitter users can now include photos in their text messages to share them with others, thanks to the MMS feature newly introduced by the micro-blogging site.

The social networking site has deployed one of the BlueVia APIs to provide users with a new way to update their profiles. Users can send pictures from any MMS-enabled handset to their profiles and the pictures will be exhibited in instantaneously.

Updates to improve Facebook and Twitter connections

Facebook-TwitterIn its document sent to developers about some forthcoming updates on the popular social network, Facebook has reportedly mentioned that it is working on a feature which will help its members to channel their profile directly to a linked Twitter account.