Tesla Motors

Tesla Records a Descend in Shares Below the Initial Price

Tesla Records a Descend in Shares Below the Initial PriceTesla Motors is facing serious share downfall despite the profitable head start the market witnessed in its debut-day. Tesla Shares recorded to worth less than their $17 original offering price on Tuesday, after the slid of the share price to $16.11.

Tesla announces its upgraded fourth-generation roadster - Roadster 2.5

Close on the heels of its last week initial public offering, Tesla has recently announced an upgraded fourth-generation roadster – the sleek-design Roadster 2.5, which apparently is a sheer novelty with its quiet space-age hum!

Some of the key cosmetic changes that the Roadster 2.5 features include enhancement of interiors; revamped front clip and rear diffuser; and new forged wheel designs.

Tesla Motors’ strong trading debut sparks hopes for electric-car market

Tesla Motors

Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, told CNBC on Tuesday that the Palo Alto, California-based company’s initial public offering (IPO) received an “incredibly positive outcome from the smartest investors in the world” and raised over $200 million.

Tesla confirms its $42-million payment for shutting NUMMI plant

Tesla confirms its $42-million payment for shutting NUMMI plantAccording to a Thursday confirmation by electric car maker Tesla Motors, the company had paid $42 million for the shuttering of the NUMMI plant – a recently-closed New United Motor Manufacturing factory in Fremont, California.


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