Curiosity’s Mars Trip to complete 1 year soon

Curiosity’s Mars Trip to complete 1 year soonThe statements coming from NASA are talking about the ongoing mission of the Curiosity (its Mars trip) which is heading to complete its successful one year with a wealth of data over the planet in its records.

NASA would Welcome Crowdfunding, but not US Congress

NASAAs per recent reports, it has been unveiled that NASA has no problem to have crowdfunding for specific studies and assignments. But it has been found that the US Congress is not much happy with the idea.

While revealing about the same, NASA chief engineer Brian Muirhead said that he would love to work in such way. But in that case they need to talk with Congress.

NASA Asks for ‘Space Taxi’

NASA Asks for ‘Space Taxi’NASA is urging for perpetuation of a program to fly its astronauts on commercial spaceships.  This constant nudging is not supported by the budget.  Irrespective of the fact that there is a great competition for the business, NASA has constantly been pressing on the same.

Captured by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observations, Exoplanet Named ‘Hot Jupiters’

Captured by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observations, Exoplanet Named ‘Hot Jupiters’Recently, NASA's Chandra performed X-ray observations of six journeys of the planet around its star.  Also, the European Space Agency's XMM Newton Observatory conducted X-ray observations of one transit of the planet around its star.

NASA Celebrates its 55th Anniversary

NASA Celebrates its 55th AnniversarySince establishment, 29 July, 1958, NASA has seen its share of triumphs, disasters and controversies in the field of space technology. NASA was established in the U. S. and it has been at the forefront of space exploration. NASA has completed 55 years today.

Weather Changes on Titan

Weather Changes on TitanA team of astronomers is looking forward to solve one of the myriad mysteries about Titan. The gradual change in seasons is coming on Titan.

The Cassini aircraft was launched to explore Saturn and Titan. The aircraft carried the European Space Agency's Huygens probe. Huygens landed on Titan's surface in January 2005 and returned photos of the far-flung moon on Earth.