NASA Successful in Recovering Curiosity Software Glitch

nasaIt seems to be good news for NASA scientists. The NASA's Curiosity Rover has turned back from a software glitch into a protective `safe mode'. After receiving software update from its NASA scientists on Earth, this car-shaped Curiosity Rover is now in its safe mode.

NASA reveals its research on Chelyabinsk Meteorite

NASA reveals its research on Chelyabinsk MeteoriteA research has been done by NASA on the Chelyabinsk meteorite that busted out over Russia in the month of February. However, it is concluded from the findings that these astronomic bodies can prove dangerous for Earth. Also, the impact of these bodies could be greater than expected.

Cygnus Cargo Craft All Set to Leave the ISS

Cygnus-Cargo-CraftIt has been revealed by NASA on Monday that a private cargo ship is all set to leave the International Space Station early Tuesday and burn up on re-entry into earth's atmosphere. The ship is built by Orbital Sciences.

NASA all set to Launch 3-D Printer in Space

NASA all set to Launch 3-D Printer in SpaceLaunch of a 3-D printer into the space will avoid the need of loading astronauts with every tool, space part or other supplies. NASA is preparing the launch of the 3-D printer next year.

Failure in Reactivating Onboard System ends NASA’s Deep Impact mission

NASANASA has officially declared that the long mission of the spacecraft has come to an end. The mission was sent many years ago to study a comet. The announcement was made in Pasadena, Calif., at its Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The mission was a huge success regarding its discoveries related to comets.

Cygnus Cargo Ship Launched by NASA on Wednesday

LaunchedOn Wednesday, the first flight of unmanned Cygnus cargo ship was launched by Orbital Sciences Corp to the International Space Station. This was done as NASA moves forward with its plan to privatize the US space mission.