NEOWISE Discovered First Asteroid in its NEO’s Mission on 29 December

AsteroidAfter having been through long term hibernation of 31 months, NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) has made its come back online four months back. According to a new report, the NEOWISE spacecraft has discovered first new near-earth asteroid on 29 December.

2014 Quadrantids Meteor Shower At Its Peak

meteor-show.According to a latest report, the 2014 Quadrantids meteor show is estimated to achieve its peak in the near future.

It has been revealed by the experts that the Quadrantids are a January meteor shower. Also, the experts say that the zenithal hourly rate of this shower can be as high as two other reliably rich meteor showers, the Perseids in August and the Geminids in December.

Now People Will Form Colonies on Mars

MarsAccording to a latest report, Mars One, which is a non-profit organization led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp has received over 200,000 applications from people, who want to be among those chosen people who will be sent to the Red planet.

The application has starting coming in from around late April until the end of August in 2013, according to sources.

Sun Undergoes a ‘Complete Field Reversal’

Sun Undergoes a ‘Complete Field Reversal’The sun has experienced a `complete field reversal'. This is because the north and south poles of the sun shifting its places as it marks the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24.

As per NASA's Dr. Tony Phillips, the reversal of the magnetic field of Sun is a huge event.

NASA Astronauts Fixed Space Station Cooling System on the Christmas Eve

NASA Astronauts Fixed Space Station Cooling System on the Christmas Eve After a fault occurred in the cooling system of the International Space Station, two spacewalks were conducted by astronauts to fix the same. Now, it has been revealed that flight controllers in the Mission Control Center at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston have restarted the new pump Tuesday night.

NASA Updated OS Software for Mars Curiosity Rover

NASA Updated OS Software for Mars Curiosity RoverYou must be aware of the upgrading of software of your Smartphone, PCs and laptops. The same happens in case of the Mars Curiosity Rover. According to a new report, NASA has recently sent a software upgrade to the Curiosity rover.

The software of the rover has been updated so as to enhance its ability to take better photos of itself.