Emma Watson tops the list of McAfee’s most Dangerous Celebrities 2012

Emma Watson tops the list of McAfee’s most Dangerous Celebrities 2012   Guess who's become McAfee's most Dangerous Celebrity 2012 after Heidi Klum, it's none other than Harry Potter star Emma Watson. McAfee, the software company ranks celebrities in terms of which one pose the greatest web risk for viruses, bad links, malware etc.

Android malware attack jump 76% in Q2: McAfee

 McAfeeGoogle’s Android is becoming the most targeted mobile operating system, antivirus and computer security firm McAfee said.

In its new report, titled “The McAfee Threats Report”, the computer security revealed that malware attacks on devices based on Android software soared 76 per cent during the second quarter of this year.

Intel's McAfee product to leverage old processor features

Intel's McAfee product to leverage old processor features During the course of an interview with Reuters on Friday, Intel's software division head Renee James said that Intel’s McAfee cyber-security product will leverage features that have been already built into its processors.

Cybercriminals now targeting corporate intellectual capital: McAfee

McAfeeCybercriminals have shifted their focus from stealing just credit cards and other personal information to corporate intellectual capital, security firm McAfee claims.

A report prepared by McAfee along with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) warns that cyber criminals are now targeting corporate information such as trade secrets, marketing plans and R&D data in order to sell them through the underground market.

E-Mail Virus supplied worldwide

E-Mail Virus supplied worldwideA recent type of e-mail virus, develop to erase all kinds of security software installed on a system which has come up on the web.

The security software manufacturer McAfee has claimed that the virus is spreading its reach all over via e-mails on the address book of an infected user.

Intel and McAfee to Strike a Deal

Intel and McAfee to Strike a DealIt's almost time for Intel and McAfee to show some fruitful results of 18 months of their joint efforts. Refusing to divulge any information about the product, all that is known as of now is that the combined hardware and software is most likely to be used to protect Internet-connected devices.

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