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Kordia Unveils Free Wi-Fi Connection

KordiaKordia is reported to have launched its free wi-fi service. The wi-fi service is claimed to be offered at selected cafes in some of most popular tourist areas in Auckland. The areas include – Newmarket, Ponsonby, Parnell and Viaduct.

Once the 15 minutes are done, customers are able to log back in for another 15-minute session.

Kordia expedites talks for transtasman cable

Kordia Chief Executive Geoff Hunt

Kordia Group Ltd, the state owned broadcast and telecommunications firm reported a net loss of $1.1 million led by increase in restructuring costs. However, Kordia Chief Executive Geoff Hunt expressed satisfaction over the results adding that it reflects firm's commitment for making high capital investments.

Kordia has made entry in new domains like telecommunications, media and technology sector during the period investing around $167.2m for increasing its penetration in these domains besides paying a dividend of $26.0m its state shareholders.

Kordia to present board a trans-Tasman cable in September


September would still see state-owned communications company Kordia presenting a trans-Tasman cable to its board.

It should be noted that the process that could have led the company to spend $15 million to become a cornerstone tenant was pulled.

It was expressed by Kordia general manager for strategic development, Susie Stone that apart from having strong support from the market, Kordia also had enormous customer interest in the venture.

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