Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Demands Overturning the Auckland Ltd. Deal

Air-New-ZealandAuckland International Airport Limited’s (AIAL) transaction of Queensland Airport is causing more trouble than before.

Air New Zealand is chastising the whole deal, as well as its poles, claiming the rights of the airline Companies to similarly invest in Queensland Airport.  Prior the deal being sealed, Air New Zealand accused Commerce Commission of putting AIAL’s benefits above the public’s benefits.

Air NZ Hints at Auckland, Queenstown Acquisition Proposal

Air NZ Hints at Auckland, Queenstown Acquisition ProposalAir New Zealand Ltd. today triggered concerns that Auckland International Airport Ltd's plan to acquire a stake in Queenstown's airport may serve as a base for rising air fares. Also, it further exacerbated the debate by posting that a group of airlines should invest and other airlines should be permitted to acquire the shareholdings, as well.

Air NZ Rubbishes the Rumors of Virgin Blue Stake

Air NZ Rubbishes the Rumors of Virgin Blue StakeRecently, Sydney Morning Herald had reported that that Air New Zealand has got a share in Virgin Blue. However, on Friday the airlines rubbished any such claims. Virgin Blue is the second largest airline of Australia.

Airline Seeks Costs from Former Flight Attendant

Air-New-ZealandA Chinese former flight assistant, who lost a personal grievance case against Air New Zealand, is fighting to avoid paying $23,190, which is the legal cost of the airline.

In 2007, Chao Zeng lost her job as a flight attendant with Air NZ. In 2008, she claimed that the flight attendants of Shanghai were paid 75% less than their New Zealand counterpart and were only given one third of the allowances.

Passenger Volume of Air New Zealand Increases in May

Air-New-ZealandAir New Zealand has announced an increase in the number of passengers during the last month. Air New Zealand has carried 883,000 passengers in the month of May and this figure is 3.9% higher than the last year.

The airline has said that adverse weather caused challenges in May, thereby, 85% of the domestic flights departed within 10 minutes of the planned departure time.

Shush!-Text and Email but Quietly: Air NZ

Air-New-ZealandAir New Zealand is all up for plans, so as to allow a few passengers to send text messages and send emails whilst they fly, anticipated by the end of this year however fellow travelers need not worry, since, no phone calls will be welcomed.

New Zealand's national carrier said it hopes to allow people send and receive text messages and emails on their iPhones, Blackberries and GSM mobiles on its new 777-300 aircrafts by November.