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Stock Takes: Fyfe wins award for navigating

Rob FyfeAir New Zealand's Rob Fyfe recently won the Beacon Award, 2010 for displaying great leadership in an industry that was going commercially brutality.

Chairman of the Shareholders' Association, John Hawkins said Fyfe stood out as the clear winner for demonstrating amazing management during crisis when the country was going through some of the most turbulent times in its corporate and airline history.

Airasia X Services to Christchurch greeted by Air New Zealand

Airasia X Services to Christchurch greeted by Air New ZealandAir New Zealand at the moment welcomed the coming of AirAsia X services between Kuala Lumpur and Christchurch. Deputy Chief Executive Officer Norm Thompson says Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker and Christchurch International Airport Ltd meant to be praised for protecting the coming of one of the nation’s rapid flourishing budget carriers to New Zealand.

Rotorua-Sydney link to be the main focus for Air NZ

Air New ZealandAir New Zealand has recently said that it will be focusing on the Rotorua route first before it will consider adding new destinations to it kitty.

Air NZ wants day in court over price-fixing

Air NZ wants day in court over price-fixingIn New York Air New Zealand is approaching for its day in court over price-fixing accusations after the US Department of Justice offer to hol

Air New Zealand, Virgin Blue Offer More Tasman Seats on Alliance Concerns

Air-New-Zealand-Virgin-BlueAir New Zealand Ltd. and Virgin Blue Holdings Ltd are looking for to cooperate on trans-Tasman Sea flights. They presented to include seats on six routes to relieve regulatory fears that the alliance would go ahead to service cuts and higher fares.

Canberra Airport supports trans-Tasman alliance

Virgin BlueThe Canberra Airport has confirmed it backing to the planned controversial alliance between the Virgin Blue and Air New Zealand and the Canberra Airport has agreed to this in contrast to its sister capital city airport in Wellington.

Both the airlines Virgin Blue and Ai New Zealand which used to fly as Pacific Blue on the Tasman said they might be allowed to work combined to compete with the growing power of Qantas Airlines.