RMO Commission report calls for changes to medicos’ apprenticeship model

Agreeing with a top-level inquiry panel report - by the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) Commission that instructed district health boards to work towards making permanent medico jobs more attractive - the union representing junior doctors has upheld the decision for urgent changes to the apprenticeship model.

Listeria fears prompt custard recall

Listeria fears prompt custard recall

Due to the fear of contamination with Listeria bacteria, a few of the custard products have been removed from the market in New South Wales and Queensland.

The Fonterra Brands Company has asked the customers to return these products to the stores from where these were purchased and obtain their refunds.

According to the company, the bacteria is likely to affect the health of pregnant women; the very young; the elderly people; and those having low immunity. As such, a check up by doctors has also been recommended.

Laboratory fight appeal declined to be heard by Court

Diagnostic Medlab, Labtests

Since the Supreme Court is ruling in favor of new operator Labtests over Diagnostic Medlab, it seems that the bad blood over Auckland laboratory testing operation could be a thing of the past.

Though the battle between the two companies has come to an end, there are no celebrations as yet.

Harbour Health's Susan Turner reports, "Overall what it means is a complete reduction in services in the workforce and in the collection centres."