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Why the NZ Dollar Could Have a Very Bright Future

Why the NZ Dollar Could Have a Very Bright Future

In a world that certainly faces an uncertain economic future, it should be very reassuring for New Zealanders to discover that their currency, at least, is set to see increased usage over the coming years.

Yuan Fell Against the U.S. Dollar

Yuan Fell Against the U.S. DollarOn Monday, China's Yuan fell against the U.S. dollar after the Chinese currency was lowered by the Central Bank.

Yuan Falls Against the U.S. Dollar

Yuan Falls Against the U.S. DollarChina’s currency, Yuan dropped against the U.S. dollar in Friday Trading. The dollar was at CNY6.5325, which was higher than previous closing at CNY6.5315.

China Signals End to Yuan’s Two-Year Peg to Dollar

Timothy F. Geithner

A week before the G20 summit commences China said it would allow amore flexible yuan and signaled that the two year old peg of yuan to the dollar would come to an end. The central bank said in a statement on their website that the decision was made after China’s economy improved.

Improvements Recorded in New Zealand Dollar

NewZealand-DollarThe New Zealand dollar improved as it was trading well late Wednesday, maintained by overnight news of a possible bailout for Greece and pushed by exporters. The kiwi dollar on Tuesday was nearly a cent up from US 68.54 cents at 5pm making it worth US69.44 cents.

NZ Dollar Registers a Fall

NZ Dollar Registers a FallThe New Zealand dollar reported a fall around one US cent after a surprising rise in the unemployment rate to 7.3% in the December quarter.

The NZ dollar slipped to a five month low of 69.60USc from 70.80USc just prior to the report. It was at 69.80USc at 5pm from 71.06USc at the same time yesterday.