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Ginger Beef Products Recalled over Suspected Listeria Fear

Ginger Beef Products Recalled over Suspected Listeria FearWarning bells for a Calgary-based company, as there are reports of suspected contamination of Listeria in its pre-cooked Asian foods. In consequent to the report, Ginger Beef Corp came into swift action and closed its plants while all products spread in five provinces were called back.

Fonterra and First Milk Enters Into Joint Venture

Fonterra and First Milk Enters Into Joint VentureTwo diary companies, Fonterra and First Milk, have declared about their commencement of deal to generate the production of whey proteins.

Head of Royal Friesland Appointed as Fonterra’s New CEO

FonterraIt has been reported that Mr. Theo Spierings has been appointed as Fonterra’s new Chief Executive (CEO). Fonterra is the New Zealand's largest dairy company. While welcoming Mr. Spierings, Mr. Couper also acknowledged contribution made by the outgoing CEO Andrew Ferrier in the company.

Dairy does not increase heart-attack risk!

dairyIn what would be great news for lovers of dairy products, a new study has found that consumption of dairy foods has no link whatsoever to an increase in a person’s risk of heart disease!

First-Quarter Profits of Carlsberg Rise 38%

First-Quarter Profits of Carlsberg Rose 38%The first-quarter operating profit of the Carlsberg increased 38% as compared to the previous year. The company said that it is reported a rise in demand from the Russian and Eastern European markets.

FTC Releases ‘Voluntary’ Guidelines for Food Advertisements

foodsOn Thursday, the federal government made proposals that the food industry would either have to stop advertising foods high in salt, fat in sugar to children, or they would have to change the nutritional makeup of the foods they’re selling.

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