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China Money Rate drop

yuanOn Tuesday China's yuan fell against the U. S. dollar as traders gave up expectations that the central bank will back more solid gains in the local currency in the final sessions of the year.

On the over-the-counter market the dollar was at CNY6.0714 around 0830 GMT which was higher than Monday's close of CNY6.0702. It traded in a range of CNY6.0708 to CNY6.0721.

NZ Dollar to Witness Hike

NZ-DollarThere are speculations that with the slop in the American economy, the New Zealand dollar may witness an upward movement. Currently, the dollar is trading at 86.24 US cents and it is expected that in the coming months it may trade in the range of 84 US cents and 87.50 US cents.

SocialFlow publishes visual look at how Twitter spread news of Bin Laden's killing

SocialFlow publishes visual look at how Twitter spread news of Bin Laden's killingA New York-based startup, called SocialFlow, has published an interesting visual look at how the news of Osama bin Laden’s killing started off and spread on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The news of terrorist outfit Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden’s killing spread at a lightening speed via Twitter, even before the formal announcement of the occurrence.

Silver, Gold Ebbs Following CME Announcement

It seems that the news of escalation of margin in silver trading by CME has broken the juggernaut of one of the most expensive commodities, so far, of the market, silver or white gold. With the news of pertaining to silver trading by CME hitting the financial market, the investors, who were seen flocking the commodity market since a long time, were making swift exit from silver trading to avert potential financial pressure on their pocket.

Wall Street Traders Expect the Economy to Recover

Wall-StreetThe traders at the Wall Street have been expecting miracles. They believed that the economy will definitely improve from the mergers and acquisitions. The authorities have been claiming that the economy is recovering from the damages caused by the recession and inflation.

High Commodity Prices Pushes Stocks

High Commodity Prices Pushes Stocks

The share market closed with higher stocks as a result of high commodity prices mainly gold, silver and copper. The share prices of gold and silver mining companies were higher at the stock exchange today.