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American Airlines and TPG Looking to Invest in JAL

Japan Airlines - American Airlines

American Airlines and private equity firm TPG are looking to join hands for an investment in Japan Airlines which is currently struggling to survive. Asia's biggest carrier by sales, JAL has been struggling with a $15 Million debt, a large pension deficient and many unprofitable routes, in addition to the current economic downturn and a significant fall in number of passengers. AA and TPG's investment will give them a stake in the Asian airline.

September’s On – Time Arrival Rate Highest in Years for U.S. Airlines

US Airways

U.S. Airlines recorded an all time high for it’s on – time arrival for the month of September since the past six years, from 2002. The on – time rate reached a whopping 86.2 per cent, which, however, is not an improvement when compared to the 86.4 per cent which was recorded in October 2003.

The Transportation Department has been keeping these records for the past 15 years and the current year's September results were found to be the fourth highest. The highest and apparently the best was September 2002.

Qantas Looking to Speed-Up Check-Ins of Frequent Flyers

Qantas Ltd

Qantas Ltd. has announced that with a new technology, which will be launched as early as next year, check-in time of the airline's frequent flyers will be reduced to at least half of what it is now. With special, high-tech boarding passes, customers will be able to zip past all the formalities, thus shortening the time otherwise needed.

Standoff Not to Affect Services: Qantas

Qantas says industrial action being threatened by its senior engineers will have no impact on its services. The union is involved in a standoff with the airline over conditions and pay. In a meeting this afternoon, workers union unanimously agreed to ban out-of-hours work from next Friday.

The union says that it wants a new fatigue management policy, but Qantas says the major sticking point in negotiations has been demands for a 30 per cent pay rise. Qantas spokesman David Epstein said that the union's demands were unreasonable.

More than 70% Rise Recorded by Quickstep Holdings Shares

Quickstep Holdings

In a new development which delighted investors and shareholders manifolds, the shares of Perth based aerospace and defense giant Quickstep Holdings recorded a whopping rise of over 70% in the morning trading. The surge is being viewed as a direct result of the company's fighter jet contract that could result in earnings as huge as $700 Million.

Considerable Surge in number of Passengers Recorded by Qantas for September

Considerable Surge in number of Passengers Recorded by Qantas for September

In a development which is being viewed as a positive sign, Australia's Qantas has seen a significant rise in the number of passengers for the month for September. According to official figures released, the airline booked as many as 3.4 million passengers during September this year, which is 7% more than the travelers booked for the same period last year.