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New A330-200 Plane for Domestic Flying Launched by Qantas

Qantas Airways

As Qantas reports rising passenger numbers on its domestic routes, the airline has decided to ramp up its services and has launch its first ever A330-200 aircraft to better serve its domestic flyers. The new plane offers new seating and various in-flight entertainment options for its passengers.

Qantas group passenger figures rise 6.7% in October

Qantas Airways

The recently-released figures by Australia's foremost airline, Qantas Airways, reveal that there has been a 6.7 percent year-on-year increase in the carrier's passenger figures in October.

The airline filled 83.3 percent of its seats during the month, marking a rise of 3.4 percentage points over the year-before figures. Meanwhile, the passenger loads showed an increase of 2.7 percentage points to 82.6 per cent in the same period.

Thomas Cook Reports Rise in Full Year Earnings

Thomas Cook Reports Rise in Full Year Earnings

Despite the fact that people have cut back on traveling on back of the Swine Flu outbreak, Thomas Cook has reported a definite rise in earnings for a complete year up-to September 30. The firm reported a rise in pre-tax profits to ?56.1 Million, as compared to last year's figure of ?23.7 Million, recorded for the same period. Revenue also recorded a 5.9% rise to ?9.3 Billion.

Virgin Blue Revs Up Earnings for 2010 Fiscal Year

Virgin Blue Holdings

Amid definite signs of stabilization in domestic air travel demand and after recording rising passenger number, Virgin Blue Holdings Ltd., Australia's second largest airline group, has upped its earnings forecast for the 2010 fiscal year, as was confirmed by the firm at its annual meeting in Brisbane.

Federal Government Plans to Use Richmond Air Force Base as New Sydney Airport

Richmond Air Force Base

Under latest plans shared by the authorities, the Federal Government is looking is likely to use the Richmond Air Force Base as a temporary commercial airport for Sydney, in addition to the airport that is operational now. In the Government's aviation white paper, which will be officially released next month, the RAAf base is expected to be the top choice as a second hub for the city.

Amadeus System Crash Delays Qantas Flights

Amadeus System Crash Delays Qantas Flights

A three-hour long Amadeus system crash delayed both domestic and international Qantas flights across the country as passengers had to be manually checked-in. Technical problems with the system started around 2 pm and affected other major airlines as well.

Delays were caused across all Amadeus equipped airports. "We were experiencing some technical issues as of about 5pm (EST) with our Amadeus check-in system", shared a Qantas spokeswoman.