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Rise in Passenger Numbers Recorded by Virgin Blue for November

Virgin Blue

November has been a good month for Virgin Blue as the carrier recorded a marginal rise in traveler numbers, despite the fact that there was some weakness across its domestic routes.

For the month of November, the carrier transported 1.33 million domestic travelers, which is still a 3.1% decline compared to the number recorded for the same period last year, as was confirmed by the airline on Wednesday.

Antarctic Trail Flight Successfully Completed by Air Force Boeing 757

Antarctic Trail Flight Successfully Completed by Air Force Boeing 757

As confirmed by Defense Minister Wayne Mapp, an upgraded air force Boeing 757 has successfully managed to complete its trial fight to Antarctica, and the success has paved the way for future Antarctic support operations, which are presently carried out by C130 Hercules aircrafts only.

"The Hercules is a great load lifter, but the 757 excels in moving people and smaller freight items and gets there in half the time", said Minister Mapp.

Qantas Ready for Strategic Growth Following Removal Of Caps

Qantas Ready for Strategic Growth Following Removal Of Caps

In the latest National Aviation Policy White Paper, the Government has declared that it will relax the ownership restrictions on the national carrier, Qantas.

While maintaining 49% as maximum foreign ownership, the individual caps of 25% for a single foreign investor and 35% in Toto for foreign airlines have been done away with. This decision seems to stem from a need to cushion the blow of a global economic slowdown.

Whopping Rise in Pension Deficit Recorded by BA

British Airlines

The pension deficit of British Airways has gone up 76% to GBP3.7 billion over the last three years.

“The airline and trustees will now work together to develop a recovery plan, a process which will involve the company consulting with employees and their trade unions”, BA said Monday.

British Airlines reviewed the standards that should be used to calculate the size of the deficits on its two pension schemes. They also disclosed that the total deficit now stands at GBP3.7 billion which rose from the 2006 deficit of GBP2.1 billion.

Jetstar to increase domestic capacity

Jetstar to increase domestic capacity

Qantas Airways Ltd's low-cost carrier Jetstar announced that it would take delivery of four new A320 aircraft and add 77 return services per week from mid 2010.

Budget airline’s recent move will allow it to offer 700,000 extra seats between the capital cities, the Gold Coast and other destinations in Queensland. 

The added services will operate mainly from the Jetstar’s Melbourne and Sydney gateways.

EasyJet Chief to Step Down Next Summer


Andy Harrison, Chief of budget airline EasyJet, who had joined the carrier in December 2005, has announced plans of stepping down from his current position starting next summer. As confirmed, he will step down as the Chief Executive at the end of June to "seek new challenges".

Before joining EasyJet, Mr. Harrison was associate with the motoring group RAC.