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The iPod Zombie Haunts the Drivers

Automobile-AssociationThe British car insurance provider, Automobile Association (AA), has announced some figures of the number of pedestrians using iPod while crossing the street, warning the drivers about the recently detected spread of the ‘iPod zombie pedestrians’ phenomenon.

Bill Ford sells 3.5 million of his shares

Bill Ford sells 3.5 million of his sharesGreat grandson of Ford's founding member, Henry Ford and the current Executive Chairman of Ford Motors has sold 3.5 million of shares owned by him in the company.

Through this sale, he has managed to get a total proceed of $28.4 million, the automaker said in a regulatory filing.

Kia Releases its New Model, the Sportage

Kia Releases its New Model, the SportageKia Motors, the second largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea, launched its brand new crossover utility vehicle, Kia Sportage.

This Kia's latest fashion would be running on DynamaxTM All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system, a reformed AWD set-up manufactured by Magna Powertrain. Kia Sportage will hit the markets in October 2010 with a 2-liter engine, a weight reduced by 91kg and a bigger interior space.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is Finally Back

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet is Finally BackA shift onto the larger E-Class platform, Mercedes has finally succeeded in manufacturing a car, which has a 45mm longer wheelbase that the model that it is said to replace.

Saab Planning to Take Part in WRC 2012

Saab Planning to Take Part in WRC 2012In order to re-enter the World Rally Championship, it has been reported that Saab is looking forward to join Mini in its quest.

However, Mini has already announced that will next year compete with a Countryman entry and it may consider Saab a year later.

Saab appeared on the World Rally stage last time with a 99 Turbo, and after that the Company has strayed from the involvement of motorsports.

Vauxhalls to Come with Lifetime Warranty

Vauxhalls to Come with Lifetime WarrantyIt was announced that Vauxhall cars would come with a lifetime warranty.

The move that is ready to be in immediate effect, has in some terms taken the initiative away from Kia, whose standard seven year warranty has helped it go up the ladder and attain a position of a mainstream player in the car industry of the United Kingdom.

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