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Suzuki to unveil Kizashi Sport and new Swift at Paris Motor Show

Suzuki to unveil Kizashi Sport and new Swift at Paris Motor Show  At the Paris Motor Show scheduled next month, Suzuki will likely unveil the Kizashi Sport model – with the debut of the Euro-spec vehicle following the debut of the US-spec model unveiled at the New York Motor Show.

Toyota Signs a Deal with Government for its Fleet

Toyota Motors New Zealand has signed a contract with the State Government of San Francisco, as per which Toyota would be providing the Government’s fleet with Prius and Hybrid Camry plug-in vehicles. The contract includes 2 more motor companies which along with Toyota would be providing the Government with 18,000 vehicles.

Auto sales of US fell down because of economic fears

auto-sales-usThe auto industry of US has seen a sharp drop in sales in July as the retail sales dropped in US because of the uncertainty of the state of economy of the country.

After seeing the drop in sales in July the auto industry was expecting for a rise in the month of August but according to the latest IPO of General Motors there is no sign of any rise in the August also.

Toyota has recalled one million cars in US and Canada

ToyotaThe car maker Toyota has recalled more than its one million cars in Canada and US mainly because of the fault in its engine control system. The mostly affected models with the fault of engine control system are the Matrix and Corolla manufactured in between 2005 and 2008.

The company said three accidents were reported because of the fault and one of them was a serious one. Toyota recalled 700,000 cars in last month and it has recalled almost 10 million cars in a year.

Ford plans to launch eight new vehicles by Mid decade in the country

Ford plans to launch eight new vehicles by Mid decade in the countryIn order to expand its operation in the country, the Ford Motor Company today made an announcement of launching eight new vehicles in the country. The country that rolled out Ford Figo in the first quarter of this year has already recorded sales of 30,000 units in a time frame of 25 weeks.

Carmakers have called for voluntary recalls following Toyota

ToyotaIt has been informed that the vehicle makers have opted for a voluntary recall of their vehicles before any government inquiry after seeing the extensive recalls of Toyota. This new mind set of the carmakers has produced a flood of recalls and some of them are having just one normal complaint from the owners.

Hence car manufactures don't want additional issues from the government and have preferred to go for a voluntary recall before any hick-ups.

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