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Tesla Model 3 was officially the best-selling electric car in the US in 2018 Q1

Automobile News - Tue, 04/03/2018 - 15:51

Tesla has recently confirmed its production and delivery data for the first quarter for current year. The data suggests that Tesla Model 3 has now officially become the best-selling electric car in the US. Tesla Model 3 has high demand among customers and the electric carmaker has strong list of pending orders for Model 3.

According to the figures confirmed by Tesla Motors, the company delivered 8,180 units of its Model 3electric vehicles during the January-March 2018 quarter.

Despite the fact that Tesla does not break down its delivery results quarter-wise, it can still be assumed that all the mentioned Model 3 deliveries took place in the US because the vehicle is presently available only in the U.S. market.

In comparison to Tesla’s 8,180 Model 3 deliveries in the 2018 first quarter in the US, the deliveries of the second best-selling all-electric car in the country General Motors’ Chevy Bolt EV were nearly 50% less. In specific figures, the Chevy Bolt EV deliveries in the US for the 2018 first quarter stood at 3,375 units.

With Tesla Model 3 emerging as the best-selling all-electric car in the US, followed by the Chevy Bolt EV, it is being assumed that the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X are seemingly placed at the third and fourth place in terms of US sales in the 2018 first quarter. Based on those projections, three of Tesla’s electric vehicles now rank among the top 4 best-selling electric cars in the US.

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Tesla has achieved ‘2,000/week production rate’ for Model 3

Automobile News - Tue, 04/03/2018 - 11:51

According to a leaked email reportedly sent by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to company employees this week, the current production rate of Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles is ‘over 2,000 units per week.’

The leaked email, which was supposedly sent by Musk to all Tesla employees at 3:02 a.m. PST on April 2, was recently shared on Twitter by journalist Ed Niedermeyer, who said that the emails have been obtained from an inside source at Tesla.

In the email, Musk congratulated Tesla’s workers for hitting the new production milestone of ‘2,000 Model 3 per week’ milestone. The achievement is noteworthy because Tesla managed to reach the ‘2,000 units’ production mark for the Model 3 in barely nine months. Musk was under tremendous pressure as the company registered strong interest in Model 3 but wasn’t able to deliver the cars as promised to customers. Tesla stock was facing selling pressure every time Tesla announced lower than expected delivery volume for Model 3.

The 2,000/week production rate of Model 3 underscores a significant improvement over the production rate of the vehicle in the last three months.

Although the ‘2,000/week’ Model 3 production milestone is lower than Tesla’s target of ‘2,500/per week’ Model 3 production by the end of January-March 2018 quarter, Musk said in the email to Tesla employees: “It has been extremely difficult to pass the 2,000 vehicles per week rate for Model 3, but we are finally there.” He further added: “If things go as planned today, we will comfortably exceed that number over a seven-day period!”

The news will offer support to Tesla stock as investors were worried about the company’s ability to deliver on its promises. Tesla stock has declined in the recent weeks over issues related to production bottlenecks.

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BMW may discontinue i3 and i8 before launching its next-gen EVs

Automobile News - Mon, 04/02/2018 - 16:51

According to an Automotive News report, German automaker BMW plans to discontinue its i3 all-electric compact car and i8 plug-in hybrid sports car ahead of introducing its next-generation electric vehicles (EVs).

BMW i3 and i8 are German automaker’s current-generation electric vehicles which marked the launch of the ‘i’ electric sub-brand in the US in 2014. The i3 was updated by BMW in 2017, while BMW i8 is scheduled to get a freshened coupe variant and new roadster version this spring.

The Automotive News report, based on the information shared by BMW officials, has revealed that the automaker’s move to discontinue the current-generation models of i3 and the i8 before launching a new generation of EVs is an open decision.

The disclosure by BMW officials about a possible discontinuation of i3 and i8 electric vehicles comes against the backdrop of the automaker’s plans to introduce its next-generation EV line-up, comprising the i4 and the iNext EVs, in 2020 and 2021.

During the course of a least-week interview with Automotive News, Stefan Juraschek, BMW’s head of electric powertrain, has said that i3 and i8 were basically the automaker’s “technology showcases”, and added: “These two cars were not developed as a family that we can expand in different ways or maybe five or 10 derivatives.”

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Ashok Leyland to work on different technologies to make batteries for EVs

Automobile News - Mon, 04/02/2018 - 14:51

The Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday denounced violent protesters outside his rally in California the previous night as “thugs” and warned that his supporters could be far tougher if they wanted to be.

Commenting on his Thursday night’s rally in San Jose, he also criticized small group of “thugs” for their alleged action of burning American flag.

In two different posting on Twitter, he wrote, “Rally last night in San Jose was great. Tremendous love and enthusiasm … Outside, small group of thugs burned (American) flag! … My supporters are far tougher if they want to be, but fortunately they are not hostile.”

Trump argued that everyone should be given the right to express his/her views and that there is no room for a politics that fails to listen to the other side. He stressed that people with better arguments could persuade people without turning violent.

Hundreds of protestors insulted Trump’s supporters as they were leaving the event. At least one supporter was hit with an egg, while many people were punched.

Violent clashes between Trump’s supporters and opponents have erupted outside a number of rallies in the past few weeks. The Republican presumptive presidential nominee has angered many across the nation with his rhetoric against Hispanics, Mexicans and Muslims.

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EVs have gained immense popularity in five Nordic countries

Automobile News - Sun, 04/01/2018 - 18:51

In an interesting report, US News has revealed that electric cars have gained a lot of popularity in five Nordic countries --- Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. The report is based on information shared by the International Energy Agency.

The above-mentioned five Nordic countries account for barely 0.4 percent of the world’s population. These countries have excessively cold weather conditions and lots of snowfall; thereby leading to the assumption that people in these countries would ideally prefer gas-powered or diesel-powered vehicles. However, quite surprisingly, electric cars are extremely popular in these five countries.

According to the US News report, almost eight percent of the total worldwide sales of fuel-efficient cars --- including battery-powered vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and fuel cell cars -- were attributable collectively to the five mentioned Nordic countries in 2016.

The reason behind the popularity of electric vehicles in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland is that the governments in these five Nordic countries are encouraging consumers to ditch gas-powered vehicles and choose vehicles running on alternative fuels. Consumers who purchase fuel-efficient cars in these countries get generous tax breaks and rebates, along with discounts to use toll roads.

With regard to the popularity of EVs in the five mentioned Nordic countries, Mark Gottfredson -- a partner at Bain & Company -- said that “it's just cheaper to own an electric vehicle” in these countries, so EV demand here has rocketed.

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Australian EV industry wants extra $3.2 billion spending on infrastructure

Automobile News - Sun, 04/01/2018 - 16:51

A new report for the Electric Vehicle Council has highlighted the need for boosting the battery-charging network in Australia, in order to enable the country to aim at an increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The report was sponsored by energy technology investor Trevor St Baker.

According to the report, an addition expenditure of $3.2 billion on charging infrastructure is being desired by electric vehicle industry in Australia, so that the number of electric vehicles on the country’s roads can reach 3 million by the year 2030.

With the report emphasizing that public charging infrastructure should be given a boost, the plan is being backed by the NRMA, which has commenced the rollout of $10 million worth of public chargers in NSW. The mentioned expenditure for financing the rollout has come from the funds of the members.

Assuring that the measures to improve charging network and increase EV penetration in Australia will be supported by the government, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said that the “revolution” will be backed via the Australian Renewable Energy Agency as well as the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Predicting that 1 million electric vehicles will run on Australian roads by 2030, Frydenberg said: “The government stands ready to support the rollout of vehicles, as we are currently doing.”

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