Lawmakers of Missouri Fail to Help Uber, Lyft Grow in the State

Ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft face another stumbling block in Missouri this year, as lawmakers failed to make things easier for the ride sharing services in this legislative session.

The companies say they cannot start providing services in other areas than the largest cities in the state soon. The issue which is stopping the companies that allow people to use apps on their smartphones to hail a private car ride service is different rules varying from city to city. The companies want uniform statewide rules which makes doing business easy.

Marc Edwards, a Virginia Professor Preparing Data to Show Flint’s Water Condition is Improving

The water supply in Flint is getting better, at least that's what Marc Edwards, a Virginia professor who helped discover the lead contamination in drinking water in the city says. He is preparing data which once released will show that Flint's water condition is improving.

Flint's water got contamination by lead when two years back; the city switched its water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River.

Man charged with negligence over Alpine bus crash is named

An engineer, who was charged with injuring by unlawful act over his alleged work on a tourist bus involved in a crash in the Southern Alps on New Year's Eve, is James Henry Coakley.

Coakley, who is 68 years old, was involved in the maintenance of the bus that was carrying a group of 31 tourists from China when it lost control and collided with a car with Swiss family of three. The bus collided with the car travelling up Otira Gorge in Arthur's Pass on 31 December, 2015. The bus overturned and slid into the roadside barriers that stopped it from falling into the river.

Police looking for man in Coromandel after shots fired at a house bus

The police officials in the city of Coromandel have said that they are looking for a manafter fires were shot at a house bus on the property.

The motorists and residents were advised to take alternative routes as Kopu-Hikuai Roadbetween State Highway 26 and Kitahi Road was closed following the incidence. The police was directing traffic towards diversions. The police then announced that cordons have now beenlifted on the State Highway 25, the theKopu-Hikuai Road.

US Private Equity Firm Blackstone Invests $200 Million in Partners Life

Partners Life, the life insurer based in Auckland announced that US private equity firm Blackstone is investing $200 million in the company and will hold lesser than fifty percent with "a significant minority shareholding". However the specific level of holding was not disclosed.

The other share holders of Partners Life like Maui Capital and Rangatira Investments would also continue as co-investors side by side with the U.S private equity firm which is subject to regulatory and shareholders' approval.

Greenpeace Criticizes Contracting Onboard Monitoring Cameras and Analysis to Trident

Should a commercial fishing company be made responsible for monitoring what goes on board the commercial fishing vessels? Greenpeace leader Russel Norman says, it is like "the fox guarding the henhouses".

Greenpeace has criticized Ministry for Primary Industries for rolling out cameras on fishing vessel which is supplied as well as monitored by Trident for the fishing industry. The company is owned by Sanford and thirteen other seafood and fishing companies in New Zealand.

Watch Out for Dehumidifiers which Were Recalled in 2014 Over Overheating and Fire Concerns

Fires caused by dehumidifiers are not that common but air conditioners and dehumidifiers have been the cause behind eighty four fires since 2000 with twenty incidents in the past two years. Officials say that before use machines should checked for safety and the users should be careful while using electrical gadgets.

Lake Station Farm Near St Arnaud Open for Bull Walk ahead of Auction; Rain Keeps Attendance Low

A bull walk at the Lake Station farm close to St Arnaud, managed by Malcolm and Ingrid McConachie gives a great chance to the potential buyers to find a perfect stud for their farm. Though the rain did not draw too many people on Saturday but it could not keep away some country farmers who are too keen to visit the auction and find a breeding sire for their farm weigh a number of factors to unearth the bulls they think is a right match for their farm.

Kathmandu Draws Criticism on Social Media after Staff was Seen Destroying Goods

On Saturday, Christchurch, New Zealand based outdoor and travel apparel, gear and accessories retailer Kathmandu, drew criticism on the social media for destroying clothing and sleeping bags which could have been donated to the homeless people.

However, according to the retail chain its actions were noting wrong because those items were old and faulty no more suitable for use. The retailer said the tents that were slashed were not water-proof anymore and the sleeping bags which were destroyed were "pretty much unusable" even for those who are living on the streets.

English blames Auckland City Council for the housing crisis

Finance Minister of New Zealand, Bill English has said that the Auckland City Council is to be blamed for the housing crisis.The minister said that it is the council's responsibility to ensure infrastructure funding is available and not the central government of the country. He said that the crisis can only be resolved with a higher number of houses on the ground and soon.